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Tatyana's work out activitie tracker

Posted by go4_progress on August 13, 2013 at 3:10 AM Comments comments ()

8-8= 200 cal in gym, 123s sets= 60, 21 min zumba class#4= 214, 1 song la bomba = 58, 1 song mirage= 71 cals. 8-12= elliptical 4m = 421cals, tried 205cals, 123s=70. Total cardio 626.

Health Benefits of different herbs/ and or foods

Posted by go4_progress on May 1, 2013 at 1:30 AM Comments comments ()

so in the past i've tried to get into the health benefits of different herbs and plants we can use to put into our diets, tea's or everyday meals. i always wanted to really find out what health benefits do our every day plants and or food’s have for us beyond the fact they're just good for us. i want to research what exactly can it do for us and how it can really affect us in the long run, what are the negatives and positives behind the different things we eat. and maybe answer the questions like are the foods like coffee and other things that people say are bad for us, really as bad as they say it is? or are there vegetables out there that actually do more harm than we thought to our body's? and if so what are some things we can replace those things with?

please note to whomever reads this or is interested in researching this information with me, herbs like medications CAN NOT be taken without proper consideration and knowledge. like drugs, if you take too many herbs that have the same properties can also have a negative side effects on your body or can actually overdose, if you are not aware of what kind of properties each thing you take holds. but if taken correctly you can benefit greatly.