My goal for this site when i first started it, was to make a place where people can...

1st. Find their pictures i took from an event or party, and for them not to feel like the hole world would see there pictures before they even got a chance to have a say in what things they wanted to take to the public.

2nd. I also wanted people to also get a chance to communicate between themselves as an added bonus, about the events/ parties and share there thoughts.

3rd. I wanted to make a place where people can share there art, music, ideas. A place where they could put their Artistic pictures, videos, poems, or simply thoughts on current events. With in reason have a chance to give each other constructive criticism about each other's work. because in my opinion and artest's work is never finished, its just open to new understanding, interpretation and growth so that it could grow into something bigger and better then when it started.

My goals for the site 

Please feel free at any time to contact me with any ideas regarding this site on how it could or how you would like to see it be better, and i will try my best to make it more fun and user friendly for everyone. You can leave a message on member pla727 wall at any time.